Hi, we are Robert & Debbie Rosas, Astral Charm Persians.  We live in a small town outside of Kansas City, Kansas (USA). We have 2 children & 7 grandchildren.  We hope you have enjoyed looking at our Persians, past & present.  We have been showing since September 2000 & are members of the MO-Kan Cat Club  & the Puff Cat Club.
We would like to thank CFA, the judges, clerks, stewards & all the Cat Clubs for making it possible to show our babies.
We were blessed with a son, daughter & 7 grandchildren
 Front Row: Brittni, Chase, Cailen, Michael, Santa, McKinzie
Back Row: Robert, Toni, Misty, Casey & Bobby
Missing: Mike , Jacob & Debbie
 Christmas Eve 2003
Christmas Eve at Mamma & Pampa's
Calien, Mamma, Casey, Brittni, Pampa, McKinzie, Chase & Michael 
We strongly agree with this code of ethics.
Robert & Debbie Rosas
 CFA Breeder Code of Ethics
 As a Breeder who uses the services of the world's largest registry of pedigreed cats, I understand I have certain responsibilities to pedigreed cats and to the Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA). As a CFA breeder, I am aware that I am representative of CFA breeders in my community. I will breed my cats with the intent of improving the breed and to produce healthy, happy kittens.  I will deal honestly with the purchaser of my kittens and cats.  To the best of my knowledge and ability I will not, without prior disclosure, sell any kitten/cat that is sick or has been exposed to an infectious disease.  I will not sell or place kittens prior to their attaining a proper level of immunity against common infectious diseases.  I will strive to house my cats in a manner exceeding the CFA Minimum Cattery Standard. I will ensure my cats are kept in a healthy environment and I will ensure they receive the proper veterinary care as needed. I will maintain appropriate cattery records and will correctly register litters and cats. I will work honestly with my fellow breeders and provide timely and correct litter registration information to those who use my cats for breeding. I will mentor new breeders to ensure they have a solid information foundation.
We are a firm believer in spaying and neutering your pets. Breeding is tedious,  long hard work & should not be taken lightly. We breeders work hard to develope healthy breeds & caring for Gods creatures is the highest rule of a good breeder.